What is Backpack Storytelling?

Backpack Storytelling is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary with a minimalist’s compact toolkit. Capturing and translating compelling stories that impact people’s lives in interesting, meaningful, and succinct ways.

After years of traveling and working across five continents (I’ll get to those other two eventually) as a videographer, writer, editor and producer, I paired down my bulky equipment and larger cameras (RED, Alexa Mini, even DSLR’s) for a smaller footprint. Telling stories without letting gear interfere. While continuing to strategize content development alongside some of the most recognized brands in the world, this modern muse of minimalism allows me to focus on socially conscious entrepreneurs and asset acquisition for use in social media, advertising, recruiting, and sales communication.

One Part Kit + One Part Craft + One Part Experiential Knowledge. When circumstances call for ‘more with less’, my Backpack Storytelling approach provides an effective solution.

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A Peek Inside the Backpack:

  • iPhones
  • Go Pros
  • Osmo Pocket
  • DJI Air 2s Drone
  • MacBook Pro with Adobe Premiere Pro & FCPX
  • Traveling WiFi Hot Spot
  • Essential Accoutrements
    • Handful of Pens – Caps Included
    • Lots of Pencils - Sharpener Included
    • Clean Snacks
    • Dry Socks

Sometimes you can show a lot while traveling with very little. Here’s a Backpack project; a trek through Prague and Istanbul...capturing its sights and sounds.

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Photographs are stories - an art of observation – a way to freeze a moment for a lifetime of memories, while searching for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Here are some moments taken by me and of me.


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