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What is Yarn Faw?

Yarn Faw, Inc. operates with two specialties: A full-service production company and a backpack “Digital Nomad” concept. Each serves a collective of storytellers from around the world in the development & production of independent & feature films, national commercials, & international content/brand communications. With teams in Orlando, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Honolulu, my "Digital Nomad" approach to storytelling allows me to help bring good stories to life through technology (and lots of great coffee).

What is Backpack Storytelling as a Digital Nomad?

Backpack storytelling guides our collective in choosing the smallest impact for the greatest outcomes. Small cameras. BIG stories! After years of globetrotting assignments, I realized customized solutions for changing environments fosters better results & more joy to otherwise stress-threatened creative endeavors. The backpack approach combines compelling production visuals with heart-moving narratives, all achieved with a small team, a strategic story development and a minimal production footprint. Partnering alongside socially centric entrepreneurs & innovators, our experience (earned over decades of collaboration) supports visionary individuals as well as some of the most recognized brands in the world:

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Photographs are stories. And whether you’re looking to freeze a moment for a lifetime of memories or help move the narrative of your story, we'll help you find the extraordinary in the ordinary.


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